The right STRATEGY for the right PROPERTY!

Real estate, both housing and investment, requires extremely important financial and other resources, which, in the case of careless or passive management, can irrevocably be destroyed.

Conscious management not only realises savings, but can produce considerable added values.

Valuation and financial analysis

Purchase, sale, renting and letting are crucially important, overriding decisions in the key moments of a company or institution. A dynamic proactive policy continually keeps an eye on these market parameters making it possible to tap into market trends. dC&P acts for owners, residents, lessees and creditors in the public and private sectors.

The office has extensive experience in valuation reporting in all types of real estate in Belgium and Luxembourg, and has close collaborative ties with experts in France and the Netherlands for Advice and analysis on purchasing, Valuation on sale & rent back, Mergers and acquisitions, Investment and market analysis, Rent reviews, Due diligence, Analysis on keeping versus selling, Analysis on renting versus letting, Analysis on moving versus staying, Strategic disinvestment analysis, Tax objectives, Compliance values, Privatisation, Studies on better and best use, Analysis on building comparisons & DCF simulations.

What do we value?

  • An entire property including the split between building and land
  • Land value
  • Estimated rental value
  • Potential development
  • Ground rent
  • Market value
  • Depreciated replacement value
  • New build value for insurance purposes
  • Leasehold payments

Location strategy

Companies and institutions can make their real estate profitable and efficient.

dC&P’s experience serve to:

  • Align real estate with corporate objectives
  • Position real estate to accommodate changes in business needs
  • Create best-in-class real estate departments
  • Provide improved facilities using less capital
  • Assist in location selection
  • Move- versus -stay analysis
  • Master-planning
  • Reposition vacant or underutilised properties (surplus asset management).

Sale & rent back.

We advise parties on structure and implement sale & rent backs, allowing them to make capital available for the main business activity while the buildings remain available in the long or medium-long term with full control of the real estate operations.


dC&P provides companies with decision tools to manage their real estate heritage and Guide investors and end users in their negotiations.

Both practical and strategic advice is provided. The objective throughout is to continue to support clients in their real estate decisions.

Groundbreaking working methods are applied here.

  • dC&P’s work is set in a European context and can provide cross-border guidance to both foreign and local clients with strong local knowledge.
  • dC&P acts as an advisor (in a task force or individually) in taking adequate decisions regarding valuation, investment and (re) location issues.
  • dC&P offers specific know-how as regards auditing and due diligence procedures of portfolio, with the result that from a technical and administrative point of view, all information that is required to be able to take adequate decisions is available. In this context dC&P has developed work regarding coordination of technical analyses, remediation problems and legal aspects.

The intention is not to link the client with long term or other diversified services, but to work towards a specific and targeted solution for the problem.

Investment Strategy

With their first-hand knowledge dC&P provides valuable insight into the requirements for which investors are looking.

In the light of the fact that the real estate market evolves continuously, new strategies and investment opportunities constantly present themselves, often demanding in-depth expertise.

Objectively analysing investment opportunities enables one to reflect the risks and returns associated with diverse portfolios.

dC&P provides investors with the following:

  • Advice on acquisition and divestment strategies,
  • Help in achieving value enhancement and risk reduction for single assets as well as large portfolios,
  • Advice on portfolio structuring and positioning,
  • Help in calculating the value through intra-related methods such as capitalisation of rent income (hard-core term & reversion) and discounted cash flow analysis,
  • Help in finalising investment strategies and arbitration.