Significant modifications in the economic landscape and a growing need for independent professionals, were the motivation for the creation of de Crombrugghe & Partners in 1997.

The development of the corporate governance concept, advanced knowledge of the property market and professionalism, a company’s property more and more considered as a production tool, a management aid and at times even a marketing device, mergers creating larger groups, have fundamental consequences in the field of consultancy.

Companies systematically outsource work in which they are not specialised (such as managing real estate issues). The need for unbiased referees has therefore increased.

At dC&P dialogue with the client is not disrupted by conflicts of interest and confidentiality of the projects can be guaranteed in all circumstances.

Employees have been trained in technical, financial and legal fields and have gained practical knowledge in the various real estate market segments to such an extent that bespoke solutions can be developed for complicated real estate issues.

An intense quest for quality and professionalism has enabled the office to steadily expand its client database and maintain its current clients because dC&P thinks WITH its clients.




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