dC&P offers expert advice to top organisations,

such as banks, insurance companies, real estate funds, closed-end investment companies, regional and international institutions, public companies and multinationals.

The office studies and resolves complicated issues thanks to its in-depth know-how of the real estate market, the capacity to coordinate various analyses (technical, market and urban planning), plus access to and possession of extensive databases.


As regards national and international institutional investors and important corporate users, the office has, during the course of time, developed a special reputation as a corporate real estate consultancy from a position that is separate from brokering.

This has the following beneficial results:

  • No conflict of interest or sideline interests.
  • Access to a vast range of sources of information from various co-players on the market and administrative services with which the office does not compete in its main business activities thanks to its special attitude.
  • Allow its clients to freely approach the market and brokers world, in respect of commercialisation.

Interdisciplinary network

dC&P has developed a network, both regionally and in various fields, to quickly be able to tap into very specific issues. These strategic alliances guarantee the clients, with minimum effort, but maximum availability of local professionals and a team that fully adjusts to their needs.

This working method allows the following:

  • To speedily find a bespoke answer to specific problems
  • The internationalization of services.

Polyvalent experience

dC&P develops an adjusted strategy by using various skilled approaches to make the real estate property meet optimum objectives and requirements of the company or institution.

Tailored solutions

Reporting is adjusted to the decision process involved, such as:

  • Descriptive summary sheets of a building or an entire portfolio
  • Supply of digital products, developing adjusted databases
  • Ren quick scan reports (building ratings by means of a large number of criteria)
  • SWOT analyses: analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of a project
  • Local market analysis
  • Comprehensive calculation models
  • Sensitivity awareness
  • Sophisticated cash flow analysis
  • Market analysis throughout the whole of Belgium and Luxembourg
  • Comprehensive due diligence reporting with technical, urban planning and market analysis.


The confidentiality with which every element of the file is treated is guaranteed in all cases:

  • Allowing clients to proceed freely in negotiations and with estate agents.
  • Giving access to several information sources since dC&P is bound by professional secrecy.


de Crombrugghe & Partners SA is a RICS Regulated Firm, which refers to the highest professional standards, a high level of financial proficiency and code of ethics that underlies its real estate services.